Water Kefir & Milk Kefir

I have water kefir made in Grolsh bottles and hoping to sell with a deposit on the bottles and exchange empties for filled. This is a fabulous tasting fermented drink and great for gut health. Do a google on kefir and read about the wonderful benefits of ferments.

Water kefir is in 450ml Grolsh bottles. $5 deposit on bottle. $5 for the kefir drink. I make with my own organic produce. Each first ferment is made with a citrus fruit, molasses, ginger, tumeric and the juice on the second ferment depends on what I have available. Currently is it rosella.

I can also sell you a starter kit, with 1 x large fowlers bottle for brewing, 4 x swing top grolsch bottles, grains, instructions and a demo. $60

I also have water and milk kefir grains for sale. $5

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