MORINGA OLEIFERA - 'The Miracle Tree'

MORINGA OLEIFERA is known as 'The Miracle Tree'.

The leaves are an excellent source of:

Vitamins A, C & good Bs & among the best plant source of minerals. Calcium is very high, Iron enough to treat anemia. Excellent source of Protein, low in Fats & Carbohydrates. Good source of sulfur-containing amino acids Methionine & Cysteine.

Moringa contains:

* All 9 essential amino acids, & is a complete protein (so great for vegetarians)

* Has 92+ nutrients, 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-inflammatories & Enzymes

Moringa Can Treat:

* Autism

* Cystic fibrosis

* High Blood Pressure

* Cataracts, Glaucoma & Macular degeneration

* Used by Diabetics to help regulate blood sugar.

* Is Anti-cancerous

* When eaten by mothers they give birth to healthy, heavier babies

* Treats healthy blood flow

* Prevents infections

The leaves, roots, seed, bark & immature pods act as Cardiac & Circulatory stimulants.

The seeds can be used to purify water.

The Moringa powder provides:

* Nutritional sustenance at a level unparalleled by most other food plants

* It boosts energy levels & may enhance sexual performance

Moringa contains substances that remove toxic by-products of chemical reactions in the body.

Medical references attest to Moringa's curative & scientific validation of its uses.

Cited in scientific literature as having:

* Anti-spasmodic * Anti-Hypotensive

* Anti-ulcer * Anti-Hypoglycemic * Antibiotic

* Anti-tumour & Anti-ageing properties

Said to be more medicinally potent than Cannabis, Wheatgrass, Spirulina or Barleygreen!

Dietary considerations with RF radiation (wireless radiation from WiFi & communications equipment):

RF radiation has been shown to increase oxidation - i.e. the creation of free radicals that contribute to health problems & ageing. Studies have shown that antioxidants (such as Moringa (has 46 A.O.s) and Vitamin E) counteract this damage. It's therefore possible that a diet rich in A.O.'s may be helpful in protecting against the effects of exposure. There is also a synergistic effect between RF radiation & chemicals - i.e. the effects are worse when subjects are exposed to both.

Gram for gram Moringa dried leaves have:

B2 50 x that of sardine, Protein 9 x that of yogurt, B3 50 x peanut, Polyphenol 9 x red wine, Mg 36 x egg, Chlorophyll 4 x wheatgrass, Fe 25 x spinach, R-amino acid 4 x geba tea, Ca 17 x milk, Vit B 4 x meat, Pot 15 x banana , Vit E 3 x almonds, Vit A 10 x carrot , Vit C 1/2 x orange

Also, Moringa Oliefera trumps Superfood rivals in ORAC tests:

ORAC value (u mole TE/100gr)

* Moringa Oliefera ...................... 157,600

Cinnamon (ground) 131,420

Dried Parsley 73,670

Nutmeg (ground) 69,640

Ginger (ground) 39,040

Gogi berries 25,300

Spirulina powder 24,000

Dark chocolate 20,816

Ginger root (raw) 14,840

Walnuts 13,970

Artichokes 9,416

Broccoli (boiled) 2,160

Avocado (raw) 1,923

Spinach (raw) 1,513

Green tea 1,240

Fresh kiwi 862

Your health is your biggest wealth!

This is a "must have" tree for every household.

Trees begin at $35. To purchase plant/s email me, "The Moringa Queen" at: OR ring on: 0403 073399

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