Dianne's Living Probiotic Produce Plus

1. Dianne's Living Probiotic Soda

A unique n delicious tangy blend of fruit n veggie kvass with Jun Honey Green Tea. Packed with trillions of nutritious probiotics, enzymes & (usually) amazing natural bubbles. Only 20 to 70 ml needed daily for improved gut health. To be introduced gradually into diet as changes flora in gut and detoxes liver.

2. Di's lacto-fermented pickled vegetables: Tomatoe salsa, golden beets, kale kraut, red karrot kraut, roasted capsicum, salad dressings & more

3. Di's (probiotic) Kefir Cream with fresh herbs : use as a salad cream, mayo, dip or sauce. ALL GLASS & RECYCLED BOTTLES

4. Di's dehydrated fruits and vegetables:

Symphony of vegetables, a medley of veges in a bottle ready to add to soup or stockpot, no slicing or peeling. Fruit salad in a bottle; naked apple, banana & more. Health snacks on road or camping trips


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