Fresh seasonal excess produce wanted

The Backyard Farms Project needs you!

What is it?

An initiative of Renae's Pantry to prove urban & small scale agriculture can can largely sustain the fresh produce needs an old skool grocery store like ours. We are creating a model model for the future of our food systems.

How does it work?

Bring your fresh excess produce in, we do our best to sell it at a fair & reasonable price, we pay 70% of the revenue generated to your spend on your other groceries.

Yes....we have customers who have reduced their grocery cost to zero through their gardens.

Who can do it?

Anyone!...but we need you to quit supermarkets & support what we do by shopping with us instead. For obvious reasons, we accept produce from those who support us the most.

Sounds great but a bit pie in the sky?

In the last 12 months we paid over $30,000 to around 60 loyal customers.

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