Help Us Grow Brisbane

Spare Harvest has started to grow in Melbourne and we need your help. Just as plants need help to grow to provide amazing food, Spare Harvest needs help to grow as well.

Shari want's to grow Spare Harvest but she can't do it on her own - she needs your help.

You can help by:

1. Joining Spare Harvest and tell your friends, work colleagues and family. We want to grow into a very big Spare Harvest community.

2. If you have something spare (it doesn't have to be food) then create a listing. Your trash is someone else's treasure.

3. Like us on Facebook and share our posts - help get the word out.

4. Connect with us to see if there are events or meetings that you can help with.

5. Let us know if there is a group you belong to or a newsletter you read that we could connect with to help spread the word.

6. We are interested in anyway you can help. Got an idea, then share it with us - we are all about sharing.

Thank you