Soil Microbe Blend

Biota Booster is a unique new combination of 11 beneficial soil bacteria and fungi in an easy to use concentrated liquid.

Technically called Bioremediation agents, Biota Booster restores life to the soil or system (hydroponics etc) resulting in faster healthier plant growth with less inputs.

BB conditions soil, Compost or Systems, defeats pathogens and pests and fertilizes your plants! It turns soil dark and friable and does away with the need for turning compost.

BB supercharges fertiliser, worm juice, compost tea, manure teas, kelp products etc to give unmatched efficiency and astounding results and value.

One 10ml bottle is enough for the average garden for one year. Only two drops mixed with one litre of water can inoculate up to fifty square meters of soil.

I can send Australia wide or deliver to the Sunshine Coast for $8 and offer free advice.

I can also supply a professional soil service for farms with the help of Sustainable Soil Solutions

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