Various seedlings + seeds incl rare, natives and medicinal

I currently have these plants seeds available...

{ please read order info at the very bottom before contacting me }

Native Cedar Bay Cherry (Eugenia reinwardtiana) seedlings (an Aussie shrub producing delicious sweet cherries in Summer, one of my faves) - currently unavailable / seeds $5 for 10

Native Gympie Lime / Australian Round Lime seedling - $6 - one available

Native Riberry seeds - $5 for 15 (a few varieties to choose from)

Native Red Lilly Pilly seeds - $5 for 10

Native Blue Lilly Pilly seeds - $5 pack of 10

Native Lime Berry (Glycosmis trifoliata) seeds - 10 for $5

Gotu Kola seedlings - $4 for a few together

Dandelion (medicinal) - $4 for a few seedlings together

Spaghetti Squash seedlings - $3 ea / seeds $3 pack of 10

Brahmi seedlings - $4 for a fair few plants together in one small pot. Great medicinal herb, ground cover, hanging plant, versatile.

Choc Mint seedlings - $4 for a couple of small plants together

Mother of Herb - $3 ea

Sacred Basil (Tulsi) seeds - $5.50 per small bag

Peppermint seedlings $5 for a few together

Turmeric seedlings - $3 ea - ONE available.

>>> Available to collect from Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, or by postage. $10 for 500g or less, $16 501g-1kg

>>> Bulk buy discounts may be available

>>> Payable via cash on collection, or bank transfer

>>> Please email me to order including your name, mobile number, address to send to, or days/times you'd like to collect, and of course, the plants/seeds you're after with qty.

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