City Farm Nursery

We aim to help you to create a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle by providing a range of organic plants, chemical free products and knowledgeable advice to help your edible garden flourish.

We stock a wide range of:

* Seasonal organic veggie seedlings

* Culinary & Traditional herbs

* Permaculture plants

* Aquatic & edible water plants

* Bush tucker plants

* Butterfly host plants

* Beneficial bug attracting plants

* Backyard fruit trees

* Organic seeds

* Composting Worms

* Our own blend of organic seed raising mix

* Native bee hives, Insect hotels, Bat and Possum boxes

We have a range of organic fertilisers, mulch, compost and potting mixes. You can also find worm farms, self watering pots, bokashi buckets, raw honey, native bees, chook care products and much more.

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