‘Prepare to Grow Fresh Food' Workshop with Cath Manuel

Saturday 19 August. 9am - 1pm Noosa Community Garden.


Growing fresh food is quite easy…Yes it really is!

You just need to understand a few basics, which are the little secrets all green thumbs know and apply to their own healthy gardens!

Join me for Workshop 1 and I’ll share those little secrets for you to gain skills and knowledge to plan and create your own edible garden.

In this Workshop you’ll…

~ Learn how to plan your garden

~ Build easy growing spaces for any location

~ Understand why dirt is an important part of a sustainable garden

~ Get your hands dirty AND have fun!

If you’ve struggled to grow edible plants, or yet to get started, then be prepared to leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of the basic, but important, methods of creating thriving gardens to grow your food.

The Soil to Supper Workshop Program provides an organic and holistic approach to gardening and growing fresh food. Find out more about our programs at www.soiltosupper.com

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