‘Growing Healthy Food’ Workshop with Cath Manuel

After your gardens are created and the soil is ready, it’s time to grow new plants to enjoy.

Join me for Workshop 2 in the ‘Grow Your Food’ Series and together we’ll grow healthy food in the prepared gardens.


In this Workshop you’ll…

~ Understand which plants to choose for your garden

~ Learn when and where to grow your veggies, herbs and fruit

~ Know what plants to grow together

~ Gather the skills for various growing methods

~ Get your hands dirty AND have fun!

WHEN - Saturday 30th September, 9am – 1pm

WHERE – Noosa Community Gardens, Earl St, Tewantin

Cost $79.00, includes Lesson Notes, practical activities and healthy morning tea.

From this workshop you’ll gather valuable skills to confidently choose plants that you enjoy using, know how to grow them and when to plant them through the seasons.

The Soil to Supper Workshop Program provides an organic and holistic approach to gardening and growing fresh food.

Find out more about our programs at http://soiltosupper.com/

You’ll gather lots of great growing tips and access my years of gardening experience to guide you to fresh food success!

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