Swagman Battery Powered Sprayers

From shade house misting to weed spotting, from delicate plants to fruit tree spraying, the Swagman Battery Powered Sprayer comes with everything you need to obtain the perfect spray for the job.

Your Swagman is built to last, designed so that it can be serviced when required. Your sprayer is supported by Swagman Australia with back-to-base service and spare parts.

Say goodbye to pumping- charge up the battery and let the Swagman do the hard work for you!

Visit us at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDZxqiI85JEXOqkh9BieZJA for video demonstrations.

For further information about our range of products, visit https://www.swagmansprayers.com.au, or call us at 02 4970 5842

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