Soil Mineral Analysis and Balancing

Home Soil Solutions is a small business that began from a desire to help home gardeners to grow delicious, nutritious, chemical free food, reliably and productively, regardless of their soil type. My clients are given precise instructions on how to take a soil sample. They post their soil sample to Environmental Analysis Laboratory, at the Southern Cross University, Lismore. Analysis results go to Nutri-Tech Solutions for graphing, and I write a comprehensive report, a full biological gardening program, and a prescription for exactly how many grams, of which minerals, per m2, should be added to the soil to bring it back into balance. The gardener can then make up the mineral blend for them selves, (I'm happy to give guidance with that process) or alternatively, purchase their mineral blend from Home Soil Solutions.

Nutri-Tech Solutions ® is an Australian business based in Yandina, South East Queensland. They are world leaders in Biological agriculture. I also work with Nutri-Tech Solutions ® as their Home Garden Specialist. This association allows me to access the latest technology used by commercial organic growers, and to make this available to my home gardeners in a way that is easy and affordable.