Looking for Verge Gardeners across Australia & NZ

Looking for Verge Garden Volunteers! People keen to adopt, share, encourage, mentor or learn about utilizing underutilized public spaces such as the nature strip/verge/curb/kerb or other public space, where as a community we can help encourage biodiversity either through the growing of local endemic natives suited to the soils/climate (water wise), or to grow edible herbaceous plants or fruit trees etc... The act of growing community through growing something together is the purpose of the group, a grass roots activity rooted in the development of community capacity and resilience through simple acts of community engagement, and a verge garden is perfect for those who cannot access a community garden plot or facility, and has access to a square meter or similar of a road side street scape.... please look up #wewantvergegardens on Facebook, and the FB page and group - search for `Verge Garden Projects Australia' www.facebook.com/vergegardenprojectsaustralia